There are some very important factors that you must consider before going to market for buying an sofa upholstery fabric. Do any of your family members suffer from allergies? Do you have pets that will share your upholstered furniture? Is there any dampness or a lot of sunlight in that room? If there are all such possibilities, then you must look for a fabric that is mildew resistant, fade resistant and allergen resistant.

This is the perfect time to change the fabric for your sofa and other pieces of furniture. You must make a wise decision to choose the perfect fabric that will last long, look good, and provide comfort. You must consider what amount of traffic will be using that sofa, couch, or chair. You must plan about the color and patterns of the fabric you choose. When you have already decided what you want before going to market it will become easy for you to choose. There are endless amounts of choices when it comes to upholstery. It is an investment that you want to last long.

Choosing the correct upholstery can be both a fun and challenging task. For high room traffic, you must check the durability of your chosen fabric. Try to pick the fabric that is durable and can stand daily wear and tear. The 3 factors that are important when looking for upholstery fabric:


When you look for upholstery fabric, color is often the first choice. Make a choice that you are totally satisfied with and can live with that choice happily longer. Choosing neutral colors is the safest route if you are confused about what to get. Consider the right temperature colors for the right mood be it warm or cool. If you have pets at home, then try to avoid light-colored fabrics. The choice of color can affect the whole mood of your room. Also, try to avoid trendy colors as they can get outdated soon. Go for a long-lasting thing. This factor has a significant impact on your overall décor.


The durability of fabric depends on the room it is used in and the personal aspects of members. Such as, if pets and children live in that house then you must look for a fabric that is scratch and stain resistant.


Your chosen fabric must look pleasant to the eyes and give a beautiful look to the whole place. Choose a traditional fabric if you love to have traditional style frames. Or you can merge traditional and modern if you have a good sense of style. You can even select geometric patterns for a simple wing-back chair; it will work best with a contemporary bedroom. Some fabrics appear formal while others are more casual. Large and bold patterns work best in large rooms and a small, patterned fabric will be good for small spaces. Ultimately, always go for a fabric that complements the interior décor of and that specific piece of furniture.