Located a few miles south of Nashville, Brentwood is a well-loved suburb with a lot to offer. The over 41,000 residents of this town enjoy a wide array of outdoor attractions, bars, restaurants, parks, and shops where they can laugh and enjoy the joys of Tennessee. And despite its proximity to the city. Brentwood maintains a small-town rural charm that makes it a homebuyer’s dream. If you are thinking of moving here, here is what living in Brentwood is really like.

Housing Market

Housing in Brentwood comes at a premium and contributes significantly to the relatively high cost of living. But, according to Brentwood TN real estate experts Paula Hinegardner Group, the market is rich and varied, with a wide range of properties available for different buyers and budgets. The median home sale price is $1.2 million but you can find homes for as low as $500,000 and as high as $5 or $10 million. The latter is more common in the luxury market, where buyers can get exclusive and opulent homes in affluent communities.

Cost of Living

As mentioned, the cost of living in Brentwood is relatively high. It is 40 and 55 percent higher than the national and state averages, respectively. This makes Brentwood one of the most expensive municipalities in Tennessee and towns in the country. However, like the housing market, the high cost of living is a fair trade. Residents of Brentwood enjoy a markedly high quality of life and world-class amenities. Tennessee also does not charge a state income tax so some savings are possible.

Things to Do

Whether you like to be outdoors or take in art at a gallery, there is something for you to enjoy in Brentwood. The town is home to over 14 parks and some of the best hiking and biking trails in Tennessee. The Brentwood Skate Center, Williamson County Indoor Sports Complex, and Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory are also great places to enjoy the great outdoors. For indoor fun, Brentwood has a rich selection of bars, restaurants, breweries, shops, and galleries.    


Many Brentwood residents drive as it is more convenient in town and the public transportation options are limited. If this sounds feasible to you, you will want to take the Franklin Road/U.S. Highway 31 while driving within the city to avoid the traffic on Interstate 65. Highways 41A and 431 are great if you want to go to Nashville. Alternatively, you can use Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority to travel regionally and A-1 Brentwood/Franklin Taxi company to move around town if you do not prefer to drive.


There are 50 schools in the Brentwood school district so parents have enough options to choose from. Brentwood also houses some private school options, including the Currey Ingram Academy renowned for offering high-quality education to special needs student. The Brentwood community invests a lot in the schools, with the city funding technological advancements in local classrooms to the tune of $230,000 every year. This means the classrooms and labs are always up to date.  

Consult Paula Hinegardner About Finding a Brentwood Home

From the pleasant weather and easy commutes to the small-town feel with proximity to city amenities, Brentwood is a homebuyer’s dream. The Brentwood real estate market features a wide range of homes designed to meet different tastes and needs. If you are ready to experience all the perks of this town, contact real estate expert Paula Hinegardner to look at homes for sale in Brentwood.