Unveiling Elegance: 5 Interior Design Trends Popular in Houston in 2024


Things move fast in The Bayou City and you have every reason to give your Houston home a makeover this year. Every year, luxury homes in Houston are adorned and remodelled with new interior décor ranging from the modern to the classic. A redesign is a great way to not only breathe new life into your home but also raise the value of your property. If your home is due for a makeover, here are five popular trends in Houston this year you can use to customize and elevate your living space. 

The Grandmillennial Style

Many of the custom homes that Houston TX real estate agent Morgan Broussard has handled this and last year feature the Grandmillennial style. Also known as the Granny Chic or New Traditionalist, this classic design is characterized by an eclectic mix of the modern and traditional. To emulate this style in your home, combine modern elements like bright colours, clean-line furniture, and contemporary art with traditional pieces like delicate chandeliers, embroidered linens, and scalloped lampshades.

Earth Tones

Over the years, the previously popular cold monotone tones of grey, taupe, and white have lost their allure. Houston homeowners are drifting more toward warm and inviting tones that infuse a home with personality and warmth. As you remodel your homes, redo your hardware, flooring, furniture, and walls in natural hues like garnet red, wine, chocolate brown, olive green, yellow and ochre. Complement these colours with organic finishes and materials. 

Kitchen Islands With Seating Options

The kitchen island is a staple of luxurious homes with large kitchens. In addition to providing ample space for food preparation, they also allow you and your family to dine, socialize, and entertain in one warm space. This year, however, kitchen islands are undergoing a revolution. Houston homeowners are eschewing traditional islands for large luxury multi-height islands with table overhangs and seating areas. The new design is both attractive and more spacious and comfortable.

Antique Lights

Whether you are leaning toward a classic or more modern look, you can never go wrong with antique lights. Antique fixtures like Victorian pendants, brass sconces, and chandeliers provide just the right traditional twist you need to achieve the Grandmillennial style. You can also combine them with unique Art Deco pieces for the complete effect. The colour to emphasize here is soft gold.  

Multi-Functional Spaces

Post-pandemic, remote workspaces became a necessity for many homes. And while many people have gone back to the office, home working areas are here to stay. In 2024, homeowners are taking these spaces to the next level by making them multi-functional. Consider redesigning your home office to double as a closet or switch out the sectional in your study with a pullout sofa to accommodate guests. 

Explore Houston Homes with Morgan Broussard

Whether you are planning on moving to Houston or considering listing your house among homes for sale in Houston, a remodel is a great project to undertake in 2024. Redesigning your home can raise its value and also make it a more inviting living space. Whatever you plan, and especially if you plan to sell or buy a home in Houston, you contact local real estate expert Morgan Broussard for professional guidance. Morgan is a five-star rated agent and fifth-generation Houstonian with tons of experience.

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