Home security is one of those things in your home which must be prioritized. Without proper security, your home is at risk of too many unavoidable threats. Different areas of your home have varying requirements when it comes to their security. While some require little-to-no surveillance, others must be monitored constantly. Some areas in your home are more vulnerable than the others, but home security measures are generally applicable to each part of your home.

Home security can be difficult to implement in a thorough, reliable way. There is too much to consider, and it can be very easy to neglect some important factors. Having a guide to help you prioritize may be helpful in this case.

Why You Need Outdoor Security

Outdoor security is something a lot of people tend to overlook. Usually, homeowners tend to focus on indoor security, since that is where you live. It has all your belongings, gadgets and anything else you may hold dear; however, if you enhance outdoor security, your overall home is bound to become a lot more secure.

There are many different services that make the process of securing your home easier, and FirstEnergy’s Outdoor Security Starter Package is one of them. This package comprises of the two main gadgets you may need for increased outdoor security, which is why you should consider getting it for your home. The following are the gadgets this package includes.

Sengled Outdoor Motion-Sensor Floodlight

When it comes to outdoor lighting for security purposes, this may be the only device you need. Floodlights are often discrete and extremely effective for outdoor visibility. This gadget uses its motion sensor to detect activity within 30 feet of its surroundings. When the slightest motion is detected, a bright, piercing light goes off to alert you, and the potential intruder. 

 This light has a 100-degree field of view, and stays on for 90 seconds after motion is detected. You can use a floodlight to light your driveway, patio or front yard. Its basic functions require no hub, which makes it the most convenient and affordable option.

Google Nest Doorbell – Battery

A video doorbell allows you to interact with visitors with little to no effort. Video camera doorbells are very convenient for all kinds of homes, and the following are some of their most prominent features.

  • View activity in the form of playback. A video doorbell can record anything you may have missed while being away from home.
  • Its audio and video capabilities allow you to talk to visitors and listen to them without having to be physically present at the door.
  • The device can stream activity in real-time 24/7, and the recorded content can be up to 3 hours.

Features of the Package

This package is designed to provide you with basic outdoor security which is fairly thorough, but affordable at the same time. It has certain unique and helpful features which may convince you to add it to your home, and some of these features are as follows.

Activity Zones

Larger areas can be slightly more difficult to monitor. Activity zones is a feature that allows you to specify certain areas so that you are only notified when motion is detected in that spot. This allows your surveillance to become more targeted, which can help make you home even safer. This is an excellent feature to have for nighttime security, since you will be unable to keep a constant eye on your home during that time.

Remote Communication

Remote control is one of the most helpful features of any smart gadget. With this package, you can interact with visitors more easily. Using the video doorbell, you can answer the door without having to worry about face-to-face interactions. Not only can you keep an eye on your front door, the gadget allows you to do a lot more. 

Using a video doorbell, you can easily receive packages. If you are busy and cannot come to the door at a particular time, you can always ask the delivery person to wait for you, so that you never miss anything. 

Record Activity for Later

As mentioned previously, you can record activity using a video doorbell. This is an excellent feature for people who work or need to leave the house for something important. This is something that can help keep any intruders away, protecting your property. Talking to new, unfamiliar neighbors, or interacting during a pandemic also becomes much more convenient with this gadget. 

Easy Installation

Installing smart gadgets can often seem like a hassle. Some gadgets have complicated wiring systems, which make them relatively difficult to put together. Fortunately, that isn’t an issue with this package. Due to being wireless, both of these devices are very simple to install in your home. You can place them according to your preference, keeping in mind only a few minor requirements. 

Better Access to a Safer Home

Your home’s indoor area cannot be secure until measures are taken to make the exterior safer as well. A home must always be seen as a whole; outdoor security can significantly affect your domestic life, since it directly impacts the security status of the rest of the place. This is why so many smart security gadgets are designed solely for your home’s exterior. This package gives you a convenient, single source to improve surveillance outside your home for greater peace of mind.