As the name suggests, pre-construction services are used before construction begins. These services, which include planning, are vital to ensuring your project moves along smoothly. Pre-construction activities will plan every aspect of the project, giving the client, construction team, and subcontractors a clear picture of what the job is, their role, and the timeline.

 It’s hard to accomplish a construction project on time and on budget when you’re unsure of the who, what, when, and where. Pre-construction services are the solution for that.

Site Surveys

Site surveys allow the construction team to review the property and identify any issues that aren’t addressed in the project plan. When issues are identified before construction, they help keep projects on time and on budget. Our team will look for structural settlement and interior/exterior damage.


Inspections allow the construction team to pinpoint any critical repairs ahead of project construction. Inspections are no longer only handled by local code enforcement agencies. It’s urgent that builders also the site and materials.

Pre Construction Permits

In Los Angeles, specific permits are required to ensure projects are safe and legally sound. These permits must be pulled before any private property construction, alteration, or repair work takes place. A licensed contractor should be able to obtain all necessary permits.

Architectural Design & 3D Design

​​The pre-construction planning phase is the best opportunity to plan how you want the end project to look. Architects and builders can collaborate in this phase utilizing the client’s feedback and vision to create 3D renderings of plans.

Engineering Plans

​​Pre-construction engineering plans will ensure your project is structurally sound and up-to-code. It will also ensure that every dollar is being maximized by looking for areas where opportunities for cost savings present themselves. The more experienced an engineer, the more opportunities they’ll find to save money. That money can then be directed towards other areas.

Final Words

Other factors evaluated in the pre-construction phase include safety, the final budget, procuring hard-to-find items, cash flow analysis, sub-contractor selection, and design review. The bigger the construction project, the more construction planning involved. Contractors will also take a different approach towards commercial construction vs. residential construction, taking a more comprehensive pre-construction approach with the former. When choosing what construction company to work with, ask them about their pre-construction planning services.

At Bela Development, we possess unique design-build capabilities that most contractors lack. Our level of expertise and collaboration delivers added value to clients.