Pergola maintenance is not somewhat that you probably think much about. But if you want your pergola to last, you’ll want to add some simple maintenance and cedar wood care to your annual patio garden care list.

So how much maintenance does a pergola oblige? Thankfully custom-made pergola are pretty self-reliant structures and don’t involve much care. They are similar to outdoor furniture maintenance but on a faintly bigger scale. Care a custom made  pergola looking like new will only add a couple of hours to your temporary home maintenance.

Pergola Maintenance

As with any home design item, a pergola needs to be preserved, especially when it’s commonly used. Include these simple summer yard maintenance chores on your To-Do list for lasting beauty.

  1. Cut Back Flora

If you have any plants rising on the pergola a little garden maintenance is needed. Cut back any thick vines or other undergrowth. If the plant housing is hanging too low, give that a good sleek. Once the plants are under the regulator, you’ll be able to see the surface of the pergola improved, and the weight of any undergrowth will not damage the pergola roof or wood.

  1. Inspect Your Pergola

This step of pergola maintenance is essential because it provides data on what maintenance is desired. If the proper steps are taken to preserve and maintain your wood pergola, there will be insufficient, if any, maintenance over the life of your pergola. To ensure your tint, paint or sealant is doing its job, do a yearly inspection for things like small crashes or bug damage.

With wood pergolas, deficiencies can occur but are unnecessary if you’ve added a sealant to your pergola during the first 6 months after it was mounted (and then annually or bi-annually after the initial sealant). When to dye and seal a wood pergola is secure by wood type and your limited climate. Pergola Yard kits include stainless steel hardware and pergola rods for rust-free beauty and long life, but if you have other metal parts on your pergola, make sure they are complete.

  1. Clean the Pergola

A wood pergola can be cleaned by lightly brushing rotten surface grime with a cloth or soft brush. If you do need to remove any rubbish, make sure not to thicket too hard or you could destroy the wood. If the structure was built from maintenance-free pergola equipment, you should custom an appropriate help for vinyl or metal pergolas.

  1. Renovate the Finish

For preserved wood pergolas, a coat of stain or waterproofing is favorable. Cedarwood care can contain a water-repellent dye and sealant mixture that can be applied in one application. You can also choose to dye your pergola in a bright hue for an intrepid statement in your yard. Ask your local shade supply store for the best product to use for your climate.

  1. Enhance Its Beauty

Your home maintenance can also include adding some landscapes that enhance the natural beauty of your pergola. One way to enhance visual appeal is to add a cedar planter box. Or if you want to add more color, you can hang flower hampers from the beams or grow flowering vines.