On The Fence About a Chimney Inspection? You Won’t Be, After Reading This

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Did you get your chimney examined recently? If our question has provoked some serious reflection on your part, it has probably been quite some time, which is never a good sign.

Many homeowners only get a chimney inspection before winter to prepare their homes for the chilly months ahead. Some don’t even bother. The importance of a yearly chimney inspection cannot be overstated; nevertheless, many people fail to realize that there is much more involved when it comes to chimneys and fireplaces.

Here’s what you need to know about chimney inspections if you’re on the fence about getting one:

Reduces Additional Expenses

Maybe you’re thinking that getting a professional to check out your chimney is a waste of money but think about it. It’s true that you’ll have to pay the professionals for the inspection, but in the long run, you’ll save a substantial amount of money; here’s how:

  • You can avoid costly chimney repairs in the future if an expert catches structural problems early on.
  • You may avoid potential fires and subsequent repairs through a chimney inspection by following the professional’s advice on cleaning out the creosote and soot.
  • You’ll get your money’s worth out of your chimney with the help of an expert who can effectively advise you on how to care for it individually.

Prevents Potential Fires

It’s easy for someone who has never dealt with a chimney before to take a quick look inside to verify if it’s functional and then go on their way, oblivious to the risks they’re exposing themselves and their families.

The risk of a chimney fire, rather than one in the designated fireplace, is one of the greatest dangers of an unclean chimney or one that requires maintenance but doesn’t undergo one. A fire of this nature has the potential to spread rapidly, wreak havoc on your home’s structure, and even be lethal in extreme cases.

As combustion byproducts accumulate in the chimney, chimney fires might break out. The byproducts tend to cling to the chimney’s walls as they ascend. However, they leave behind a highly combustible residue on the chimney walls when they cool. If there is enough ash at the bottom, igniting a fire there might cause the chimney to catch fire.

A chimney fire due to an unclean chimney

Prevents Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Another significant risk associated with chimneys is carbon monoxide poisoning, which can occur if inspections are neglected. When a chimney isn’t kept clean, the flue might get obstructed, resulting in a fire. The carbon monoxide released while burning wood, gas, or propane has nowhere to go if the chimney isn’t properly vented.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that may be fatal if inhaled for an extended period of time, but it is nearly impossible to detect if it has leaked into your house since it is odorless and invisible. Damage to the organs or the brain can occur at even low levels.

Prevents Respiratory Problems

The living room or lounge is a common location for fireplaces. Usually, during the colder months, the whole family gathers there. A dirty and poorly maintained chimney is already a real issue, which increases the risk. If the chimney cannot vent properly, the soot and ash from burned wood might enter your home. Exposure can cause chronic respiratory issues if inhaled.

To keep your loved ones from becoming sick or having respiratory problems, check that the venting system in your fireplace and chimney is in good working condition.

Smoke coming from a working chimney.

Professional Chimney Service Provider in Connecticut

The best way to avoid these problems is through professional chimney inspection. The team at Creative Masonry and Chimney provides various chimney services in Canton, CT, and other areas of Connecticut to prevent these hazards. You can get in touch with them if you’re also looking for a reliable and affordable chimney sweep in CT.


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