Do I Need A Roto Telehandler Or A Crane?


If you are looking ahead to a project and thinking through the different plant hire options open to you, one question that is often asked for construction sites is whether a roto telehandler can be an effective replacement for a crane. Roto telehandler hire plays a crucial part in many plant hire service offerings. They are often used in site locations where space is limited and the versatility of maintaining high standards of production in tight areas is a big part of the popularity. Can a rotating telehandler replace a crane though?

The benefits of the telehandler

A telehandler is an absolute core component within the construction industry. It offers such great levels of versatility, can be worked very hard, in tight spaces and under pressure, and deliver time and time again. It is essential on any construction site that you have the means to lift, carry, and place often heavy loads across tough and rough terrain, in a productive yet safe manner. A telehandler offers this. When you also consider the wide range of telehandler attachments that can transform the humble telehandler even further to be capable of such an array of operations, and you can see why it is so often used.

What about the roto telehandler?

To get back to the question of a roto telehandler or a crane, the 360° rotation telehandler takes the concept of the basic telehandler to the next level, providing everything we’ve mentioned above and added a crane and access platform to one piece of machinery. The rotating upper structure provides the mechanism to place a heavy load across a much wider area without the need for the base of the machine to be repositioned first.

In tight construction sites where there is a need for working safely at height, this provides a great mobile work platform where workers, materials, and tools can be reached easily in places where it would otherwise be extremely difficult, or unsafe, to access them without this type of capability.

In terms of using a roto telehandler as a replacement for a crane, you can also attach a winch to the rotating boom, providing a more than capable and effective small crane, with fantastic levels of manoeuvrability. It is important that you look at the specific load capacities of roto telehandlers to ensure that you can safely work and that safety at height is treated as a priority.

When it comes time to choosing the best machinery and equipment for your project and site, it is important that you have access to all the relevant information so that you can make the best decision for your needs, your site, project, and budget. With the professional assistance and guidance of a specialist plant hire company you can ensure that you are meeting the needs of your project and maximising the time and output of your employees and contractors. It makes a big difference to have the right information and to choose the correct type of machinery on any project, as you can see when deciding whether to hire a roto telehandler or a crane.


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