Small environments are very common in new houses and apartments. It is normal to have doubts about how to decorate your small room. Lack of space is not and need not be a problem. With some practical decorating tips, you will optimize space and make the environment beautiful and super comfortable. We also suggest you to use Foyr Neo 3D interior design software, where you can create your favorite design.

Make your room look bigger – use mirrors in decor

Everyone has heard of this tip, and it is worth putting it into practice. In the decoration of your small room, use mirrors. Because they are reflective objects, mirrors have the ability to give the idea of ​​a much larger space. You can put mirrors on an entire wall, buy a wardrobe with fully mirrored doors, or get creative by hanging several small mirrors on a wall.

Use light colors

Light colors and close to white give the impression of a larger environment than it really is. Light colors in small environments make all the difference. In addition to using light colors on walls and furniture, abuse pastel tones in decor items, such as bedding, objects on top of nightstands, comics, pillows and rugs. Thus, you will have the feeling of a cleaner and more spacious environment.

Use low furniture to decorate your small room

Another way to make your small room look bigger is to give the impression that the height of the right foot is higher than it actually is. For this, you can decorate your room with lower furniture, which gives your environment much more charm and style. You can find lower bed models online. In addition to low beds, you can also invest in shelves at bed height, using them as nightstands.

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Use drawers, boxes and shelves

In small rooms, the good use of space is essential. When analyzing an environment, it is possible to perceive several areas that are not being used, or at least not in the best possible way. Therefore, do the following exercise – enter your room and observe the spaces that are being misused, and think about how you can make the most of them. Some common spaces to be unused are the corners of walls and under the bed.

Correct lighting for small room

Another way to make smart use of spaces is to hang your lamp or pendant on the wall and ceiling. You save space on your nightstand or shelf. You will find the models of chandeliers and pendants that best match your room.

Less is really more!

For a small room, a decor with a lot of furniture can give the impression of a small and uncomfortable space. To prevent this from happening, prioritize the most important furniture. Another cool trick to decorate your small room is to use furniture with more than one function.